Council of Elders

Thornapple Covenant Church annually elects the "Council of Elders" to serve as the board of directors and legal trustees of this Church and its property.  They meet the third Thursday of every month.

The Elders of Thornapple are here to serve.  Please contact them at any time if you have concerns or ideas you would like them to be aware of.  Refer to the end of the article below for ways you can contact the elders.  Scroll down to see pictures of the current elders.

Elder Updates:

  • Summaries of recent Elder Meetings can be found by date under Related Downloads.
  • For financial updates, click here.  If you would like information and options about how to give financially to Thornapple, click here.
  • You can download the full Thornapple Articles of Incorporation by clicking here and the Bylaws by clicking here.
  • To meet the Thornapple staff, click here.
  • For information about any current job openings click here.

The Elders can be contacted at any time regarding concerns, questions, comments, etc. There are a number of ways you can contact them, including:

  1. Personal e-mail (refer to the church directory for e-mail addresses)
  2. Mailboxes in the copier room (there is a box for each elder)
  3. Phone or home mail address (refer to church directory)


  • Scott Bolinder


  • Tammy Friesen

  • Chuck Hahn

  • Jim Knight

  • Suzanne Lieuwen

  • Greg Longworth

  • Rob Peterson

    Senior Pastor

  • Katie Silvernale


  • Mike Smith

    Vice Chair

  • Brenda Veltman

  • Mary Cunningham