Baptism at Thornapple

Recognizing the reality of freedom in Christ, and in conscious dependence on the work of the Holy Spirit, we practice both the baptism of infants and student/adult believer baptism.

We invite parents to prayerfully consider whether infant dedication or infant baptism is what God is guiding them toward as their public profession of their intent for parenting their children until those children are ready to make their own public commitment.

We also invite both students and adults to publicly commit their lives to Christ by participating in immersion baptism during a Sunday morning worship service. Lowering into the water is symbolic of our old selves dying and rising out of the water signifies having new life in Christ. This public profession is a moving event both for the individual being baptized and those who witness it. Prior to the baptism, participants either meet one-on-one with a member of the pastoral staff or in a group session with others exploring this significant next step in the faith.

If you are interested in either infant baptism/dedication or student/adult baptism, please contact Kimberly Korpak.