A self-guided tour of lament

It was encouraging to us in leadership as people told us what they were learning about lamenting the gap between heaven and earth after the vision launch events! We have started putting together this collection of resources in case others want to dig a little deeper this summer - we'll be adding to it as we find things (or you share them with us).


  • Lament Songs by The Porter’s Gate Worship Project 
  • Sorrow’s Got a Hold on Me by Paul Zach
  • Songs for Hard Seasons - A playlist of songs of hope in suffering

Share Your Lament Resources With Us

Have you found something that resonates with you about lament? 
A song, an article, a podcast, a book? Whatever it is, we'd love to know about it. Please fill out the form to submit your resource to potentially be added to our list (if you can share URLs for online resources, that would be helpful; we'll review it and see if it is applicable to the whole church).